Photography has always been a big creative passion of mine.  As a child, I carried a sketch book and fancied art.  Growing older I steered toward photography as my artistic outlet.

I know that anyone with a camera can take a picture.  I find that getting the absolute right moment is the trick.  It's being there, sharing the time with friends, family, or even a model, is the true story.  Telling that story about that exact moment is what I like to do.

I still find myself wanting to create the scene as well.  I've learned that as you get older that a childhood toy can become a subject.  Those toys can teach how small the world is, while explaining perspective.  If you shrink to a toys world you begin to see the depth and truly learn to focus.

At the moment I know my portfolio seems so one sided in a small array of projects, this will change.  I want to build tiny sets, large sets and even use the world as my back drop.  So if you would like to expand me I would love to hear from you.


My goals....

  1. Mimic life with toys.
  2. Use more natural light, i.e. get outside and explore.
  3. Explore more of nature and find tons of new back drops, i.e. waterfalls, unique hidden treasures
  4. Meet new people, beautiful people of all genders, races and explore their story
  5. Shoot more, lots more and even more.

My equipment....

I'm shooting a Nikon D7100, I have a few kit lenses and 50mm lens that creates all the wonderful magic.  If you take a G.I. Joe, a Hot Wheel and place the car one foot behind the Joe lie on the ground one foot away using a 50mm you'll learn depth of field in an instant.  You'll have perspective of size and ratio of depth.  It's magic of macro fun.  Try it some time, if you don't get hooked you're not alive.